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'LOFRIEND' based on the concept of cybernetic organisms,

is a photography project that critically reflects upon the subject of commodification of social values in contemporary cultures.


The images were initially presented in form of a website that

imitated an online store hypothetically selling cyborg friends in appearance of doll-like bodies and with a selection of features,

such as: loyalty, attentiveness, honesty, encouragement etc.


Many of us used to have imaginary friends when we were younger. These friends either looked realistic or magical, but all of them had those features that we preferred and have chosen for them. They were totally manipulative creatures of our fantasies fully and entirely controlled by our own desires.


Today, society experiences difficulties building long lasting relationships and

friendships. We hardly make compromises and easily refuse people. Living in the world of mercantile spirit, money and commodities made us feel lonely, while finding love or support has become challenging.

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