Blown Minds is a body of work made up of an interplay between image and text in exploration of personality disordering among youths due to chronic distress. 

The project started, with a direct connection between the artist and the subject matter, as a theoretical study of neurotic and stress-related disorders integrating emotionality and physicality as a way of embodying an autobiography. Subsequently, it has developed into a collaborative discourse that, through the series of destructive experiences told by others, incorporates the premise of contemporary cultural ideologies, social expectations and identity oriented complexities. 

The final exposition became a part of Photography Graduate Show 2018 and was presented for public reception at Free Range Exhibition June 2018.

The art work consists of two independent parts: the framed prints and a photographic book, that together unite into a one whole conceptual framework. This collaboration of two individual elements attempts to question and discuss the relation between the medical classifications and terminology of certain mental and behavioural disorders together with the interior and the exterior of one suffering.


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